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A bit about me

I enjoy being creative with all types of fabric and textile projects from clothing to bags to home decor. I want to use my sewing skills to help others feel great in their clothes.

My sewing journey began in 4-H when I was 9 years old. I was captivated right away and have been sewing ever since. I have used my craft of sewing throughout my life for practical purposes as well as for creative passion projects. Designing and creating my wedding gown in 1993 is a personal sewing highlight of mine! 

Our family moved to Colorado from California in 2006 and soon after I started teaching sewing lessons in our home. That led to teaching cooking and sewing classes for Jeffco school district for grades 1st through 8th for a few years. As friends found out I knew how to sew, alteration requests started coming in. Then those friends shared with other friends, and a business slowly evolved! That plus more local sewing classes, and Inspired to Sew became my full time dream sewing business in 2016.

So, here I am ready to help you with all your sewing needs. I look forward to hearing from you! 

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